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BESH Stat is a free software distributed under the GNU General Public License v3. This computer program comes without any warranty. Use it at your own risk. You can view the BESH Stat code directly in the add-in file when you open the Excel’s VBA Editor.

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BESHStat statistical excel addin version xxx,


Note: you may need to unblock the downloaded BESH Stat files before installation, as Windows® may automatically block the file as a safety precaution. You can install BESH Stat Statistical add-in in two ways.

Download an unzip, move the folder to the desired location then double click on the “BESH Stat.xlam” and click <YES> when prompted that you want to install the add-in. Upon installation a “BESH Stat add-in was successfully installed” message is be displayed. Note: When you open an BESH Stat XLAM file, Excel may display a security warning that that macros have been disabled. You need to enable macros in order to use the BESH Stat add-in.

Or follow the instruction from the official Microsoft® support page.

Once installed a “BESH Stat menu” appears on the Excel® Add-ins tab. To uninstall BESH Stat just inactivate it and then delete all BESH Stat files.


To update BESH Stat add-in just replace old files with a new version files.



BESH Stat tool consists of three files 1) the add-in itself – “BESH Stat.xlam”, 2) help file “HELP_BESH Stat Addin.chm”, and 3) the license file “gpl-3.0.txt”, packed into a single zip file. Always keep all tree files in a folder. BESH Stat is compatible with Microsoft® Excel® 2007-2019 for Windows®. It is not compatible with Excel® for Mac.