The dragon crosses the river

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Seeing me and my baby walking out of the door, all the bodyguards bowed together, which made the people around us guess our identity, probably thinking that we were the little K of a big group, and the baby next to us seemed to confirm this. Maybe I don’t like this kind of ostentation at home, but it’s very comfortable here. Maybe it’s my own problem. Whether it’s Japan in the second world or Japan, there’s always a kind of blood burning, and then there’s a kind of arrogance waiting to break out. Xiangzi slowly got out of the car, dressed in a kimono, looking at me gently and intently, that kind of smile was really brilliant, and the baby threw me directly into her arms. The spacious back seat is naturally me sitting in the middle, in the eyes of outsiders is simply strong to the cold Xiangzi has completely removed the camouflage, become weak and boneless, very serene and relaxed. Hum, I thought you forgot that there was a woman waiting for you in Japan! “Yes, Sister Xiangzi, he’s the worst. He’s so miserable in England. He’s just coming to pick us up now!” Then he pinched my loin hard. What’s the matter? The baby is beginning to have a violent tendency. This is not good. This trend must be nipped in the bud. After a while of tossing and turning, the two women were lying in their arms honestly, and it could be seen that Xiangzi was really tired, and it was really not easy for a person to support such a big scene. The car was heading for the suburbs, where the Oda family was based. At that moment,Automatic Nail Making Machine, my warning sign suddenly sounded, and the car suddenly stopped. Looking out of the window, a group of ninjas came out with bright knives. Needless to say, the car itself was strong, but the tires were all punctured by darts. Xiangzi suddenly sat up, that kind of meekness has been replaced by the cold at daggers drawn, “Husband, it should be those leftists, who have been in constant conflict recently,Coil Nail Making Machine, and dare to come again!” It doesn’t matter whether it’s the left or the right in reality. The novel doesn’t involve politics. It happened hundreds of years later. Xiangzi may have been used to this kind of life, and I can see that her martial arts and spiritual cultivation have been greatly improved, there is no doubt that actual combat is the fastest way to improve a person. But I gently stopped her waist and went to her bosom, and Xiangzi immediately softened down. Now that I’m here, you don’t have to worry about this kind of thing. Keep all your people in the car. I didn’t want to get out of the car either. It was so comfortable in the car. I took the baby to Xiangzi and opened the window. A group of people were about to rush to the car. The bodyguards who received the order got into the car very quickly. They were well-trained. Boom ~ ~ ~ The mountains shook, a brilliant spark exploded, and then the world was calm again, but there were more corpses on the ground, that’s all. Xiangzi looked at me with an incredible face. She had never seen such an attack before. How could it be possible? Is it a hot weapon? Impossible, ah, because of the war that was almost destroyed, all weapons were destroyed and a convention was drawn up under the anger of the masses. Once found, they would be sanctioned by the whole world. Even the semi-mechanical civilization of the United States is constantly developing towards laser technology, while Japan is developing its own potential biochemical technology. Of course I knew Xiangzi’s surprise, but the baby clapped her hands happily. If the little girl really wanted to see the dead outside, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,nail manufacturing machine, she would be afraid. Ha ha, go back we say slowly, a lot of things happened, but one thing you should know, I came, this world can not hurt you! Now I can say this more confidently. With magic, even in the face of thousands of horses, the speed of destruction is not comparable to the ancient martial arts. Of course, the advantage of magic is to save time. I don’t know if the old people of the magic family will vomit blood when they hear this comment. Xiangzi and the baby accompanied me to have a very sumptuous dinner. The baby could not get over the jet lag. The little girl fell asleep after a while, like a lazy cat. Xiangzi clapped her hands gently, and the door opened to a female ninja. I was used to seeing beautiful women, and I couldn’t help but see a burst of bright eyes. It was really a rare beauty. “My Lord!” Xiangzi looked at her lightly, “send Miss Xiaoxue to my room, don’t wake her up!” “Yes!” He picked up Xiaoxue very neatly and disappeared quietly. Husband, how, this is my most capable subordinate, looks very beautiful, husband likes to let her serve you! “Ahem, Xiangzi, you’re so direct. I just looked at it a few times.” I didn’t drink a good mouthful of water and almost spurted it out. Ninjas must be unconditionally obedient to their superiors, her people, her life, her body do not belong to themselves, this is the constant tradition of ninjas since ancient times! Xiangzi said very seriously. But I listen to but more dizzy, also do not intend to argue with Xiangzi this question, probably men will not refute this question. Xiangzi, tell me about your current situation. See Xiangzi really tired, I think it is time to share, in fact, why she did not like me, completely put aside all this, perhaps I did not really put aside it. And Xiangzi drank a glass of sake, suddenly stood up, his face flushed, his body turned gracefully and movingly, the belt of the kimono was pulled open, and the question I wanted to ask was thrown out of the sky. Chapter 334 the incarnation of the murderous demon king. Xiangzi also talked about her current situation, accurately speaking, the situation is not very favorable, and once even very dangerous, the struggle between the major forces is very fierce, but suddenly came a mysterious person in the dark to help her, not only blocked a lot of assassinations, but also completed her ninja did not complete things. Others may not be very clear, but Xiangzi can see that those people are all elusive, using the orthodox ancient martial arts. It seems that the penetration of the ancient martial arts family has been very strong, so come out to help Xiangzi, more or less has something to do with our family, the old men secretly prepared for so many years, there must be a lot we can not imagine,Nail machine manufacturer, I do not believe that the old father and mother really travel all over the world, even if they really have this plan, those people in the family will not let them go.