New BESH Stat version 0.15 was released

New BESH Stat version 0.15 was released.

Main change is the addition of new Ordinal Logistic Regression procedure. You can propose additional feature if you are missing some statistical method (just select Feature request category) and I will try to implement it in some of the future releases. Complete list of changes follows.

What’s new?

  • Added new Ordinal Logistic regression procedure that fits proportional odds model
  • Bug Fix: Poisson regression error caused by excel FACT function overflow when dependent variable values are greater than 170
  • Fixed user form selected effects listbox issue for Poisson, Logistic, and Multinomial Logistic regression. Listbox items were removed when switched between user form tabs. Issue still persists on COX and Multiple Linear Regression user form.
  • Bug Fix: Logistic regression – Exp function overflow issue fixed when computing Cox and Snell Pseudo R2 on large datasets.
  • Slight Mann-Whitney test computation speed improvement
  • Slight Kruskal–Wallis test computation speed improvement
  • Add-in update process updated (internally)
  • Code clearing and refactoring (refactoring of User forms output options code, code refactoring of forms having by ID and by Column data entry option)
  • Redesign of Kaplan-Meier plot, Log rank test, Normality, Histogram, and Outliers user forms
  • Removing limitation of maximum 50 groups for the Kaplan-Maier plot