BESH Stat version 0.16 released

New BESH Stat version 0.14 was released.

This version was released earlier than planned, because I’ve identified a bug in Log-rank test that I introduced in the previous release during refactoring.

You can propose additional feature if you are missing some statistical method (just select Feature request category) and I will try to implement it in some of the future releases.

What’s new

  • Bug Fix: Log-rank test – fixed type mismatch run time error introduced in previous version 0.15 during re-factoring
  • <Copy BESHstat Path> button added to the About addin form to help during BESH stat updating.
  • Check added to Ordinal Regression procedure to check that Y has > 2 categories and user is informed if this assumption is violated.
  • Wilcoxon test, Nonparametric correlation, Nonparametric simple regression, and ROC user forms re-design and re-factoring